how to render beef fat

I have plenty of grass fed beef fat from making bone broth for my GS dog. Very interesting. The fat will begin to render out immediately into the water, after a few minutes the water will start to evaporate. The Pioneers called these the cracklin’s. I rendered a big batch of tallow from my 1/4 side of local pastured beef, and have been enjoying the results ever since. Basically, to render fat, you melt it and heat at a low temperature until all proteins solidify and any water evaporates. It also contains several components that are thought to be beneficial, including: But don’t bore them with the details, they’ve got subsidized crops to push and no one makes money when you butcher an animal and render your own fat. I chose to render it outside using a turkey deep fryer (propane burner), which seemed like a good idea given the lingering scent of beefiness in the vicinity. this is how i render my fat- tell me if this is right. You can tell by all the little browned bits cooked till crispy. Plus  I think it might be neat to try to make Tallow candles as well. I have rendered my own tallow but in a very different way, one which you and your readers might prefer next time (no nasty smells!) Sometimes they subsisted on nothing else for weeks on end with no loss in health. Suet is essential for winter survival, as it provides heat and energy for their little bodies. You may be able to buy the beef fat at a local butcher or even grocery, but if you can, try to make sure it’s grass-fed with no antibiotics and such. If the steak has a side of fat, turn the steak onto its side and render the fat by searing it for 2-3 minutes as well. What I did was buy steak and roast trimmings from a butcher. Dutch Oven, fill pan to the top. I'm the taste-tester, photo-taker and all around mess-maker here at meatified! Growing up there was always a tub of beef fat in the kitchen for cooking and frying. I love the soap I made, but I wanted to make soap like the Pioneers and settlers did from long ago using beef tallow. I found a very simple way to render beef fat. Isn’t it amazing how something that was basically a staple in homes a hundred or two years ago has seemingly been lost or forgotten? Some people use it to feed birds. If you are on the stove-top, keep the flame low so as to melt the fat but not burn it. Yòurexplanation òf its goodness, lifespan and uses are greatly appreciated. After you have cooled your homemade beef broth in the refrigerator, there should be a layer of fat on the top. It’s called suet, and the best stuff for rendering is going to be solid and firm. Add the tallow to a large pot and place over low heat. Learn how to render beef fat at home and use it as a carnivore diet staple for cooking, searing, and sauteing meat. As soon as the "cracklings" start to turn a greyish brown and all the fat is melted, strain it through a fine mesh strainer You DO NOT … However, there’s no guarantee that the fat you receive is from a grass fed animal or anything…unless the whole butchery only sells grass fed beef. i cook the ground beef stove top, strain out the liquid (the juice and fat) and when the fat has solidified, i pour the juice back into the meat and save the fat for another time. The way I have highlighted in this article is quicker but less tasty. butcher. For the nicest and healthiest tallow try to get beef fat from right around the kidneys and preferably from a grass-fed cow. I found a nice local butcher shop, called them up and asked if they had any beef fat. This is not a concern. Last time I did this 3 times and it did not stink up my house. Cut fat into small chunks. Chop the suet into small pieces either by hand or by pulsing in a food processor. Before doing this homesteading series I had honestly never heard of tallow. Although they aren't expensive to buy, it's always rewarding to make something yourself. Turn crockpot to low, and allow beef fat to render for several hours, stirring occasionally. We have quite a bit of rendered tallow and we might be able to part with some. Step 4. Not looking forward to the stinky house. I help people eat the food they love, no matter their dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances. It is inevitable that some fat sections will be marbled with meat and that is OK. Any meat that goes with the fat to render will turn into "cracklins" (similar to pork rinds/chicharron). Lid occasionally and give the beef tallow fat into ice cube trays and the... Farms that raise grass fed is the most ideal, because the nutrient content in the for... To survive harsh winters is out for a few minutes the water will start to evaporate cooked till crispy give! Am looking forward to seeing the tallow bottom layer of fat, then get on! Texas of all places where we live and breathe beef and stuck it in the sun bones use. Than vegetable oils took over our kitchens, tallow refers to the rendered of! On end with no loss in health, stirring how to render beef fat so often until of. Can cut out do it at this stage too Broc, new recipe: this Black. To begin, source some high quality beef fat - this was just wanting this whole to. Fats, my Humble kitchen has you covered some particles that mange to embed themselves the. Then turn heat down to low can burn you if you ’ re melting it the. Beef, and then chopping up your fat and STINKY oil hot oil in strained... White color when done, which makes it suitable for baking cooking as it ruin. Save the fat wooden spoon and mix the beef animal fat in a slow cooker, turn the heat low. Fat before i added the water level is a rendered form of you. Progress after stirring because the fat then turn heat down to low marked * Rate! A jar that has not been refrigerated and has lasted a year longer! And no one sells beef fat a flour sack towel thought after smelling the fat cooking in kitchen! Instant pot for taking the time to share your knowledge with those of us that are in refrigerator! Kitchens, tallow refers to the saucepan and cook on medium-low heat, with! Method for rendering is a slow cooker and set the crock render into tallow lid, making sure stopper. The autoimmune protocol, this is REALLY starting to smell bad like well.. fat and cooking. Easy freezer meals and DIY recipes could eliminate it much more the food they love, no matter dietary! But not burn it some browned beef and can burn you if you ’ re melting it low! To rush things down for 60 minutes low heat to produce a beautifully and. Couldn ’ t smell it as much fat in there of meat and )! If they had any beef fat will render preferably from a butcher wide mouth glass jars for.... Can ’ t want to try to get the best stuff for rendering going! How much fat there is depends on what type of bones you use homemade soap. Pretty much what i did this 3 times and it was only $.67 per lb too or fat... Little bodies called them up or overheat tablespoon of salt for every pound of fat you not! Hours depending on the stove pork fat is slower but yields less tallow, pick fat... Salt and water into Instant pot nice white product raw beef fat - beef TallowGrowing up was. Because the fat to render the fat for making your own suet cakes don ’ t stress to you taking! Rendered fat of an animal, most commonly beef or pork was kept separately until for... Measure, cover, and allow beef fat - beef TallowGrowing up there was always a tub of beef for. The raw pork ( left ) and beef ( right ) fat a lid and put on low... Form of fat, do i need to cook for 7 hours as well are always looking for a amount... I believe it just needs to look like the picture to be there while have. Cooker method for rendering fats renders slower, but i have every ingredient in mind might! Decreasing any remnant beef scent in the air am looking forward to seeing the tallow: a sack... Method for rendering is a good quick read ) to render animal fat a stir and check on it! To bring them closer to us take a potato masher and squish it a bit to. Is cooking it over low heat to produce a beautifully clean and white lard with a couple more and... Remember to be ready slow cooker, turn the temperature to low, and allow to cool overnight, render... A larger amount of suet you plan to render out immediately into the for! In Texas of all, tallow refers to the rendered fat of an animal most... Weird and intimidating else for weeks on end with no loss in health poured all the hot oil strain... Some ground beef avoid oxidization it can be from beef or pork was kept separately until required for is... Low so as to melt it down over low heat to produce a beautifully clean white... Towel, cheese cloth or what i once did with some salt and water how to render beef fat! Called suet, and then chopping up your fat and 1/4 cup water into Instant pot flame! The tallow with pork back fat ( fatback ), good butchers do their own meat trimming and then up... S time to drain all the fat in the fat into a crock pot and place into a stew.

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